Pause or Stop / Perhaps continue…

November rains, she said lions are getting married…

you look ahead and could barely make out the road due to the raindrops and the smoky wind; trees on both sides, and virgin pavements leading into the forest on one.

Got an umbrella, just bought on the way, and you are sharing it with her. You both are almost wet because the winds are cheating the umbrella and you are willingly losing the fight. Laughing like a child (sub-consciously realizing you haven’t laughed in a while) without a reason. Suddenly, a splash of water on your jeans,, she just jumped into a pothole full of water; gives you a cold shiver for a split second and in the next moment, you wish “everything should just pause here”, and you wanna live with that for the rest of your time.

You wish a lot; and there is some part of you that tells you not to stop or pause; it wants to continue. Continue the journey. Its this feeling of you being you that makes you feel alive. Feel part of the whole; all things start making more sense and look more beautiful.

You pause for a while to understand what is happening but don’t know.

Destination insight; you wish you could look the other way, and unconsciously your pace slows down. You want it to Pause; but know it will soon stop.

You wish for more…

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